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The private detective agency Leuthold & Kostenas was founded in 2001. The people behind the facade can look back on many years of service in the investigative field – some of them as far back as the early 1980s.

Email: kos@leuthold-kostenas.ch

This decades-long experience flows into our current activities and benefits our clients.

Leuthold & Kostenas employs 2 private detectives in the office who take care of background investigations “from the office desk“, administrative tasks such as reporting and video editing as well as live support for the field staff.

A further 4 employees work exclusively in the field and carry out observations and investigations on site.

The combination of office and field staff enables us to react quickly, report promptly and proceed in a targeted manner.

Please ask Mr. Th. Kostenas for a non-binding consultation.

Telefon +41 44 201 86 84

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