What do detectives do?

Nothing exciting, actually. A private detective gives his clients certainty. Suspected facts can be confirmed or refuted by observation or investigation.

Surveillance by Private Detectives

Surveillance is the covert observation of people or goods. A surveillance can be mobile or stationary. How a mobile observation takes place in individual cases depends on the means of transport used by the target person or on the mode of transport of the goods to be monitored.

A surveillance can be carried out by one or more detectives. The advantage of an surveillance carried out by several detectives is that the risk of losing sight of the person to be monitored is reduced. Furthermore, in the case of video recordings there are several perspectives, so that the chance increases to focus the person or group of persons of interest frontally, regardless of their direction of movement, and to recognize the faces on the video material.

A further advantage of an surveillance carried out by several detectives is, of course, the increased discretion, as the persons closest to the target person or vehicle can always be exchanged and – if necessary – replaced.

As a rule, surveillance teams from law enforcement authorities usually consist of more than half a dozen observants, mainly because their target persons are more cautious and could expect to be observed, which is rather rare in the non-governmental sector.

The eyewitness reports written by the individual detectives with detailed descriptions of the events are finally written into a final report for the attention of the client. This report can be used in court and can at best be supported by witness statements from the detectives involved.

If possible, video cameras are always used during surveillances so that the written reports can be documented with film sequences or photographs.

An Investigation by Private Detectives

Through covert interviews, a private investigator can learn facts. For this purpose, persons involved are contacted under a plausible pretext and made to disclose the information sought.

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Investigations are all activities which are directed to ascertain a certain fact. In contrast to surveillance, investigations do not involve watching but research.

Investigations can have a person-related or factual background. Investigations can be carried out through pretext conversations (in person or by telephone) or using information databases. Likewise, the Internet often proves to be a rich treasure trove for private investigations.

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